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Vocaltek to Quintum GW

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to work with a service provider who is using a vocaltec gateway to connect to my quintum gateway. The strange thing is that when he sends test traffic to me he receives a isdn cause 34 – channel not available message – he has not still been able to send a single call to me. Now the strange thing is that I have another customer who is sending traffic to the same box (Quintum D3000) using a cisco gateway and he is having no problems and also there are free channels in the box.

    Would appreciate it if someone could advise me if there are any specific parameters to be set in the quintum when receiving traffic from a vocaltec gw.

    Thanks & Regards,



    I do recall in the older Quintum products that there was some incompatibility with VocalTec. It seem that there was some sort of signal that the vocaltec was expecting to get from the Quintum and it did not receive it and the call would fail. This signal is not a required signal under H.323 and Quintum had not implemented it in the older version. I believe the newer DX/AS/AX versions may support this feature.



    I also have same problem, i can see the calls comin from vocaltec to quintum D3000 with packetsaver enabled. Then quintum trying to use it but fais due to incompatibility.

    Are there any D3000 sys.bin firmware found with PacketSaver dissabled or any DSP option there to dissable it. I am searching the site but no able to find any firmware which have option ti dissable Packet Saver in D3000…




    Packetsaver has nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing with Vocaltec. Additionally, you can turn packetsaver on or off on the D3000 at the config/dsp level. If you do not see a command for packetsaver, then you do not have the packetsaver option loaded on your system.



    Can you help me on quintum D3000 to work with Vocaltec ? This is i am getting in the log of quintum D3000. Do you have any working config in D3000 ?

    CH : 34606035:h323[0]: h323mgr:RcvIncomingCall
    GK : 34606045:EndpointManager: Address request
    GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Active calls(0) Max Calls Allo
    GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::ARQ call is an answer call
    GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::WAN Call
    GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Call created ID (e8bca3f26768b
    GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Call timer started
    GK : 34606045:Endpoint(cb4ca46b4219f2230007)::Answer call from
    CH : 34606048:h323[0]: ocall:RcvSetup, my media type=9
    CH : 34606048:bandwidth info: max=-1 cur=12600.
    CH : 34606048:Fast start element present.
    CH : 34606048:Setting remote rtp
    CH : 34606048:Remote side packet saver version = 2.
    CH : 34606048:CallInfo[0xd73430]: origCalled.digit(701694115324237)
    CH : 34606048:h323[21/0]: ocall:stackSendCallProc
    CH : 34606050:Routing requested for: public(0) orig=yyyyyyyyyyyy public(0
    ) normalized=yyyyyyyyyyyy route code= tg=0.
    CH : 34606050:0 match(es) found:
    CH : 34606050:Route response(21): result=0 cause=34.
    CH : 34606050:CallInfo[0xd73430]: cdr callid(15) rmtcallid(0) calltype(1) de
    CH : 34606050:CallInfo[0xd73430]: cdr dest(yyyyyyyyyyy) orig(zzzzzzzzzzz) remote() pin().
    CH : 34606050:CallInfo[0xd73430]: cdr icline(ffffffff) icport(c2b74b15) otli
    ne(ff) otport(0).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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