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updating Webswitch P4 100 firmware

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    the procedure of updating the firmware of webswitch 100 P4.

    1.make sure you have full access to the ftp server in your local have the user name

    and password. copy the files “update_3R4a.ftp”,”boot_3R4a.ld”,and “ip_fxs_3R4a.ld” into the

    root directory of the ftp server.

    2. make sure you can ping the FTP and you can download the three files from the local net.

    3. connect you webswitch to the local net and connnect webswitch to one of your computer

    through rs232_to_TTL converter or some cable works like that.make sure you can see the boot

    message and input any command through a terminal program.

    4. change your webswitch’s boot parameter by command “bootChange” at -> prompt or by command

    “c” at boot> prompt.

    boot device : cpm0
    processor number : 0
    host name :
    file name : updater_3R4a.ftp
    inet on ethernet (e) :
    inet on backplane (b):
    host inet (h) :
    gateway inet (g) :
    user (u) :
    ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh):

    So far you will finish the first step.


    then reboot your webswitch.and wait till there comes below:

    Copyright 1984-1998 Wind River Systems, Inc.

    CPU: Solphone3004 – MPC850
    VxWorks Version: 5.4
    BSP version: S1.3/Build 08
    Creation date: Nov 6 2000, 18:14:08

    Press any key to stop auto-boot…

    boot device : cpm
    unit number : 0
    processor number : 0
    host name : 440lx
    file name : updater_3R4a.ftp
    inet on ethernet (e) :
    inet on backplane (b):
    host inet (h) :
    gateway inet (g) :
    user (u) : administrator
    ftp password (pw) : password
    flags (f) : 0x80
    target name (tn) :
    startup script (s) :
    other (o) :

    Attached TCP/IP interface to cpm0.
    Attaching network interface lo0… done.
    Recognized TNI file format…
    Telogy Networks file format OK. Checking the file header…
    File header information:
    Code length: 0x000CAE29
    Offset: 0x00000024
    Destination Address: 0x00010000
    Executable Address: 0x00010000
    Header check Sum: 0x000EAE4D
    Code check Sum: 0x037BFB27
    Next header offset: 0x00000000
    Options: 0x00000002
    Header checksum is OK…
    Loading… estimating load time…
    ETA: 0 seconds
    Done loading.
    Starting at 0x10000…

    Attached TCP/IP interface to cpm unit 0
    Attaching network interface lo0… done.
    [1] dhcpcLibInit() has been done successfully.
    dhcpcConfigSet() has been done successfully.
    NFS client support not included.
    usrResolvInit() has been done successfully.
    Error initializing resolvLib

    Adding 2847 symbols for standalone.

    ]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]] ]]]]]]]]]] ]] ]]]] (R)
    ] ]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]] ]]]]]]]] ]] ]]]]
    ]] ]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]] ]]]]]] ] ]] ]]]]
    ]]] ]]]]] ] ]]] ] ]]]] ]]] ]]]]]]]]] ]]]] ]] ]]]] ]] ]]]]]
    ]]]] ]]] ]] ] ]]] ]] ]]]]] ]]]]]] ]] ]]]]]]] ]]]] ]] ]]]]
    ]]]]] ] ]]]] ]]]]] ]]]]]]]] ]]]] ]] ]]]] ]]]]]]] ]]]]
    ]]]]]] ]]]]] ]]]]]] ] ]]]]] ]]]] ]] ]]]] ]]]]]]]] ]]]]
    ]]]]]]] ]]]]] ] ]]]]]] ] ]]] ]]]] ]] ]]]] ]]]] ]]]] ]]]]
    ]]]]]]]] ]]]]] ]]] ]]]]]]] ] ]]]]]]] ]]]] ]]]] ]]]] ]]]]]
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Development System
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] VxWorks version 5.4
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] KERNEL: WIND version 2.5
    ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Copyright Wind River Systems, Inc., 1984-1999

    CPU: MPC850 – Solphone300x. Processor #0.
    Memory Size: 0x800000. BSP version S1.4/Build 01.



    1.use sw_update “boot_3R4a.ld”,-1 command,make sure write this file to 0-2 sectors.

    2.use sw_update “ip_fxs_3R4a.ld”,0 command to write this file to 3-22 sectors.

    3.this is the command the change the borad ID which I am not sure exactly how to spell like “boardIdCahnge”, you can look for in the netmanger 3r3 ‘s directory, there is a ezxcfg.txt file. the detail is in there.
    use this command to reset your board ID.


    boot device : flashcpm0
    processor number : 0
    host name : SOLPHONE
    file name : flash
    inet on ethernet (e) :
    inet on backplane (b):
    host inet (h) :
    gateway inet (g) :
    user (u) :
    ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh):< flags (f) : 0x8 target name (tn) : startup script (s) : other (o) you can not either use solition/solphone to telnet the box or use netmanager. they will have no use. 6.reboot the will be told it has not be configged. 7.use http:// user:root password:root 8.configration is up to you


    I checked with the file and make sure the command is “boardIdChange”.

    however,I found ws100 P4 does not works well behind switch.if you use a must be at the same physical network segment but behinf switch while ws100 G4 has not this kind of matter.maybe there is something wrong with my configration.


    to telnet WS100 3r3/3r4a
    login :admin

    to enter config prompt in ws100 G4 use the command below:

    config “cQbzi9bHyR9cdbRz”



    Where can I get the files “update_3R4a.ftp”,”boot_3R4a.ld”,and “ip_fxs_3R4a.ld”?

    Further more, I do not have the username and password for the switches; is there a default one or a way to hard reset it?

    Best regards

    Henrik Østergaard



    There is no need for passowrd as long as you use rs232c,you can find how to use rs232 converter by searching in this forum.

    Just be very careful about P4,which is not friendly.

    Good Luck!



    but unfortunately the link has been taken down.

    I’ve found the stuff concerning the rs232, thank you.

    But if somebody have got the manuals/software/firmware for it, please mail it to me at or let me know where to get it otherwise.

    Best regards

    Henrik Østergaard

    Mir Kahn

    VxWorks (for ORION IPP) version 5.4.

    Kernel: WIND version 2.5.

    Made on Oct 23 2003, 13:52:08.

    Boot line:

    eim(0,0)host:3100_V4.2d_hs.ftp e= h= g=192.168

    .1.1 u=gguser pw=gguser f=0x1008

    if any one has Default Firmware


    Hi there,

    How to find out the IP address of an already configured WS 100 P2?
    If somebody can help me with the Netmanager sw and firmware updates, I would be very-very gratefull.

    Best regds,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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