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I have a Quintum Tenor 3200 (I think)…

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    I have a brand new Quintum Tenor 3200 and need help setting it up for a calling card business.

    Any suggestions as to what I need first, second, third…etc?

    The reason why I say ‘I think’ it’s a 3200 is because the person I bought it from said it was a 2400 but when I opened the box and looked at the back, it says Model: 3200 Tenor Gateway.

    I don’t understand if I was ripped off or what.

    Any help would be appreciated. If someone can help me get this small business up and running with the basics, I am even willing to pay them a fee.

    I’m located in San Diego, CA if that helps any.

    Thank you!


    Dear WH,

    The 3200 on the back is the generic model for all digital Tenors of that generation. The easy way to tell the exact model type is to telnet to the unit and type ‘dis v’. This will tell you the model type and options that are loaded to the system.

    As for configuration for a calling card business, you must have a radius server setup to perform the actual authentication of inbound calls, then the configuration of the Tenor will be different depending on whether you will use the Tenor to send calls to IP or receive calls from IP to the phone line or both.



    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the help. I have not even hooked this gateway up, to be honest. I have no clue how to operate it.

    I know what telnetting means as far as computers are concerned but I do not know how to get started with this machine.

    Luckily I have someone that will hopefully help me however.

    Any tips for me to start her up? I have a DSL line right here at home and the gateway is here too.



    The first thing you should do is download any user manuals/documentation from Quintum’s web site. These are free and will be very helpful. The next is to connect your PC directly to the Tenor using a serial cable from your PC serial port to the Tenor’s Console port. Start Hyperterminal and set it for 38400, none, 8, 1 and no flow control. This will allow you to access the system directly so that you can setup the Ip address and connect it to your network. You should be able to find specific information on this in the user guide,but if you have more questions, just post it.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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