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IPEXTENSION Dos not work properly in AX

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    M. kor

    IPEXTENSION Dos not work properly in AX series
    I use Axt2400 to transfer 24 lines from a PSTN to 5 points contain 3 AXG2400 in 3 points, 1 AXG800 and 1 ASG400 in others. I use “ipextension” to map channel 1 through 24 to ch-1 through 10 of 1st AXG2400, ch-11 through 20 of 2nd AXG2400, ch21-22 of AXG800, ch-1 of 3rd AXG2400 and ch-1 of ASG400 respectively. Calls from PSTN side (AXT2400) toward PHONE side (AXG or ASG) work properly but when one of phone (e.g. ch-1 of 3rd AXG2400 which mapped to ch-23 0f AXT2400) goes on off-hook then busy tone is heard immediately. To fix this problem I unmapped ch-1 through 12 of AXT2400.For ch-1 of ASG400 I had this problem again and then I unmapped ch-13 of AXT2400 as well as ch-1 through 12.Would you pleas help me how can I use IPEXTENSION to map all 24 channels in PSTN side.

    M. Kor



    I know that in earlier versions of 2g software there was some problems with IPextension/port mapping. Make sure that you are loaded with the current version and try again. If this does not work, you may need to contact Quintum with a possible software bug.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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