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Quintum G2 and ISDN PRI

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    We have DX2030 and we want to use 2 types of IVR
    ( let say 15 channels for Calling card and 15 Channels for ANI )
    We are using ISDN PRI
    (the problem is I only can use 1 TrunkCircuitRoutingGroup and if I add anther one i can not see it in the DigitalInterface )

    We hope you can help us in that

    Teodor Georgiev

    Unfortunately, you can attach only one trunk group to the PRI.

    show -o cg
    cg sl2dv1di1 (in example)


    Thank you for your reply
    We can do that in D3000 ( is it ?)
    but now in the DX2030 we can not do that
    are you sure?


    I tried, but no luck.
    What I did was put a small PABX on the front, run the E1 into the PABX and use it to split the main E1 into two streams, one using PRI to get ANI, and a second one using CAS.
    I did fed the PRI into port one(PSTN), and the second one into the PBX side.
    If anyone knows how to do it in a simpler way (san PABX),please post.


    if you were able to do this in the old D3000, then you were lucky as it is not a supported configuration for any of the Digital Tenors. Unfortunately, if you set the trunk as ISDN, then it cannot be split in to another group and work reliably.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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