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Bandwidth Issues

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    Hope someone can help!

    My configuration is:

    Cablemodem -> DLink Gateway -> Linksys Router -> Multiple PC’s.

    I had the router in front of the gateway for a while, and it worked great! The other night I lost service and the only way to get it back was to put the gateway in front of the router again. Tech support told me to do this. The issue is that with that setup, whenever I am on the phone my bandwidth goes through the floor… I mean from being able to download at 350-400k a second to 7k a second. Same file, same site.

    Any ideas?

    Miles – 26nov2004

    I have the Linksys router or just the computer (or also nothing) after the D-link gateway. My symptom of bandwith limitation is chopping in speech on receive. The people I am phoning say its OK at their end.
    I am wondering if its just heavy use on the web as it was worse on Sunday morning. If so, VOIP is not going to be satisfactory as my wife complains about the chopped speech. Or could it be something wrong with my gateway?


    Miles: If they hear you well your outbound audio path is ok, meaning that you should be downloading something heavily during your voip conversation or they have problems with the upload at they’re side, this is easy to check.
    First ask your other party to ping your destination router to see the amount of packet loss that they have present, if they have good result, the problem is obviously something in your network downloading heavy traffic, if they have packet loss then is an issue at the side of your second party.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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