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BE registration over adsl

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    I have a BE (Border Element) on the with Static Public IP Address and i have an A800 connected to the internet through and adsl line which dynamically change its IP Address every 6 hours.
    When the A800 is trying to register with the BE, i get the private IP Address of the A800 on the BE.
    Can anyone help how should i configure the A800 to register with the BE with the dynamic public IP Address.

    Thanks & Regards


    The only way that worked for me is use the PPOE part of the A800, and let the Quintum do the login into the modem.

    That means that the a800 will be the only user of the ADSL link.

    But it works!!!! The border elemnt gets a updated I.P. address every time .

    I tried the other solutions, like port forwarding, port masquerading,you name it. This is the only way that i found that works consistenly over months at the time without reseting the unit every few hours.


    Another solution to this is since the BE is a Tenor (no other vendor supports BE) and it is an A800 behind the ADSL, you can use the Auto External IP feature. Basically, you set the A800 to register to the GK of the unit on the static IP and set the useipheader on the GK. There is a document on Quintums web site that explains this. It can be found at;


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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