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problem with dsp in cisco as5300

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    i observe in my as5300 this result
    ALG01#show call resource voice stats

    Resource Monitor – Dial-up Resource Statistics Information:

    DSP Statistics:

    Utilization: 44 percent
    Total channels: 90
    Inuse channels: 63 *****
    Disabled channels: 0
    Pending channels: 0
    Free channels: 27

    DS0 Statistics:

    Utilization: 43 percent
    Total channels: 124
    Addressable channels: 60
    Inuse channels: 26 ****
    Disabled channels: 0
    Free channels: 34

    th ediferance between dep in use and ds0 in use is very large but when the number of the dsp in use equal 90 we d’ont put a call unless we reboot the as5300 can somme body explain me for way this diference andhow i resolve this problem


    Any idea about this problem

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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