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Connecting ATA 186 through IOS Gateway

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    Hi..I’m new in VoIP. I’m trying 2 atas 186 connect to each other through the same gateway.

    Both atas, have as gateway the ip of the cisco 7200 router..
    This router has the dial-peer settings ( i follow the directions of this page :

    But it always sound busy.. and in the router logs appear.. disconnect… “Cant’t gateway with peer tag”… (but the tags and ip’s are ok)

    This gateway is also their static route (for atas).. Do you have any ideas about this?.

    I can make this atas talk with each other if as gateway I put the other ata ip address..That works fine.. but i want an ata call as many other atas as i determine… so i need the gateway.

    I will apreciate your help.


    I could not understand your scenario exactly.
    Is your scenario like:


    If yes, your gw must have IP-to-IP feature,it is provided with specila IOS.
    ismail can


    Yes, that’s the scenario..

    ATA — GW — ATA

    is this posible ?
    how do i know if my IOS can do it ?



    You need to have a gatekeeper, not a gateway.
    The gateway is a termi nating device, one that will get VOIP and pass it to the PSTN or phone lines.

    The gatekeeper is a device theat will receive the registration from one ATA and tell the other ATA ‘s where to send the calls.

    Get the IOS from the Cisco router. Go to the Cisco site and find out if your IOS supports gatekeeper.
    Normally, the small units do not support gatekeeper.
    I think that the smallest cisco router that supports gatekeeper is the 2600 series.

    Best luck!!!



    You can use gatekeeper, buy if you say I will use only gateway, you must install IP-to-IP IOS for gateway, here you can send from IP to IP, but if you load IP-to-IP IOS, you can only work from IP to IP, not IP to PSTN or PSTN to IP,
    ismail can


    Ok.. But I don’t understand very much about gatekeeper… the dial-plans (dial-peer) can be configured in a gatekeeper ?
    I have a Cisco 7200 router, and it acceps commands for gatekeeper. But i’m confused because in all cisco web examples, the dial-peers are in the gateways and they say a gatekeeper is optional… Do you have some resources (links) that i can use for guide me in this matter.

    Thank you both for your answers.


    A gatekeeper doe snot have dial peers as far as I know.
    The only thing that the gatekeeper does is getting the registration of the gateways, and make a table with the I.P. address of the gateways and the phone numbers.
    Like a DNS server, but for VOIP .
    Every time that a gateway wants to do a calls, the information is sent to the gatekeeper.
    The gatekeeper lokks up the number that you dialed and try to find a match on the registered gateways.
    If it finds a match, sends a message back to the originating gateway, with the I.P. address of the gateway that could take the call.

    The originating gateway then places a call directly to the gateway on the other end.
    The voice packets do not travel trough the gatekeeper, only the “signaling” does.

    There are some free gatekeepers, that could be run on a old P.C. and are for free.
    Or if you have a cisco router that could do gatekeeping, and have a static I.P. address, you could use that too.
    The gatekeeper is necessary only:

    1)If the I.P. address of the gateways change every few hours or days.
    2) You only have ATA and want to make a “network” of several ATA ‘s.

    You do not need a gk to call from one ATA to another on static I.P. addresses.

    Best luck!!!


    Ok.. i’ll try setting up my cisco router as gatekeeper and see what happens.

    Thanks for your responses.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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