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VoIP wireless communication

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    Hello, I am jenifer working as a Program coordinator of a NGO in Washington. And another branch is in Florida. I would like to communicate with my subordinates who are working now in Florida Branch. But I can not find the easy way to be in touch with them. So how can I communicate with them using wireless network with out any cost? Could you please inform me about any company which provide this type of wireless communication.


    No communication service is FREE in the world…but definately you can establish a voice network between 2 offices buying 2 sets of hardwares and you won’t have to pay for voice services and it’s possible if both thsese offices got required internet connectivity.


    hi jhon,
    thank’s for ur advice. but i can’t understand their pc service. is this software use for chating or like that??????????????????


    Can anyone give me an advice on whether there is a difference between voip shareware solutions and professional solutions you need to pay for?are there any differences in quality , or is there a time lag?
    thanks for your help


    Hi Brenda,

    Yes there is some difference between VOIP shareware solutions and professional solutions. And you have just mentioned 2 basic differences. But hopefully there are some new products coming which are free and help you for your professional works.

    Good luck


    thanks for your advice. do you know whether voip has any additional benefits apart from cost reduction? if so, what are they? thanks in advance for your help.

    amy bell

    what are some of the technical aspects of voip and current applications.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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