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    AAmir Agha

    Hi I have Tenor A800 Is it possible to block Caller ID on receivers phone set while Telephone Exchange does not provide any facility like *67 or 141 if your know please let me know


    Not with a A800. The caller id is “inserted” on the central office, when the call goes trought.
    If the phone company will not offer a service to turn it off, there is no way to disable the caller id.

    The best thing to do will be asking for a “hunt group”, with the same phone number on all the lines. Some companies will do that.
    Then order a extra phone line, and put a answering machine on it with a recording that says “this number is not in service”

    If anyone gets the caller i.d. from the calls ands try to call back, they will hit the first line with the recorder, and go away most of the times.

    Majid Yousuf

    Aamir .. how i can block caller id on normal phoneline .. there is any device …
    MSN :

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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