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Password Recovery

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    I have lost my admin password of Quintum AS400.Is there any why that I can recover that password .Please help me regarding this solution.Please…..


    Call support, this is the fastest way to get help.

    Teodor Georgiev

    To Leon: better to stay silent and look dumb than to open your month and confirm that :)))

    (Do not take it personally).

    Faraz: you may run your Quintum into diagnostic mode (locally of course), by pressing the diag and reset key together.


    but what do i hav to do after getting this prompt ” Tenor> ” ,
    the options available at this promt are dm,im, reboot, run..


    Some people on this forum have to understand one thing:

    1) Read a manual. It could be downloaded from Manufactures Web site.
    2) Use Manufactures Web site search engine under support to find a solution to most of the issues before posting a question.
    3) You don’t understand something and you need urgent help – call support.
    4) You have time to spare – post your problem here and wait for reply.

    Sometimes it will take a while for some people to understand to what is going on an especially if you use your product for a first time.

    P.S. To Teodor: I don’t take is personally, but please do not give advices, to someone you don’t know personally 🙂 Also some of the users would be much happier not knowing what the diagnostic mode is.


    Plus to restore password on AS you don’t have to go to a diagnostics.


    i have lost my admin password of quintum as400 .Please help me to recover this password , thanks



    The best way is to contact Quintum support for this as they may be able to reset the password on the AS without losing your configuration.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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