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    Saul Bejarano

    Dear friends:

    I have been a supporter of Sysmaster for almost the past year and a half, personally I have solved problems of many new customers with start up problems experienced also by me as a customer at the begining, after working with Sysmaster’s voicemaster for almost 2 years I can see now all the problems of this company and the products, I consider myself a dissapointed customer as well as a very well trained ex-supporter of this company, I invite all of you owners of a Sysmaster to visit and express your problems and the level os service and attention you have received as well, my voice alone will not be heard to call the attention of Sysmaster we have to proceed as a group, all customers together can claim some level of action to solve the problems and we can be the voice that shows the problems of this company, personally at this point I do not recomend Sysmaster equipment in any of my consulting services due to several issues.
    1)Lack of support
    2)Unestable platform
    3)Lack of robustness of the gatekeeeper
    4)Bugs on firmwares released after version 1.9.0 that makes the system unestable and fragile to run even a simple 50 simultaneous call on prepaid calling card.

    Do you want to have an example of the techincal support that Sysmaster offers after hours call 1-877-900-3993 aftter 6 PM pacific time, I have 24×7 support, select #6 and put my serial number 2010309 on the system and you will see what I have to face in a daily basis (ASK how much is a 24×7 support contract also when you ask for your quote).

    Help me to help yourselves.


    Saul Bejarano
    Procomm Consulting, Inc.
    Phone: 305-588-2434

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    Darwin Roach

    Well Saul, all I can say from my point of view and experience with these people is that I was a costumer of them for 3 weeks, because as soon as we got the Voice Master we found out that the product didn´t have all the features we asked for, after we told them that the system didn´t do this or that (we had asked for all the features in writing and also we told the sales person the same when we went to their offices in San Jose CA) they told us that if we wanted to do all of that then we would have to buy several extra modules (they have like 50 or more)in order to achieve that. That meant that we would have to pay more that the DOUBLE!!! of the price that we initially paid!!!… (it sounded like a cartoon comic to me). On top of that we wanted to do IP to IP devices calls and we initially had told the that we wanted them to be PEER TO PEER (no bandwidth consumption from our side), of course at the sales point they said “YES WE DO THAT”, but after we bought they told us “THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO IF YOU ARE BEHIND A NAT ON BOTH SIDES”, but there are companies (LIKE JASOMI) that do that already and very succesfully. At the end we returned the server after 2/3 weeks and they had to give us our money back (they took $200 off and I had to pay like $250 for shipping). In summary I wouldn´t recommend anyone to buy products from this company, not one!!! be carefull with these people. BAD support and not serious way to do business.

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    Eddie Pang

    I’ll add to the forum…

    I’ve shelved both a SM5000 and SM1000, because of lack of prompt support for my questions.

    I can figure out alot of things, but the lack of written examples on how to do things, forces us to call techsupport.

    We’ve purchased the IDS module in “Hopes” of using these features to block or atleast identify vulnerability attacks to our servers. After ignored emails, and phone calls regarding this topic, we’ve shelved these 2 products for the Cisco standards.. 2 new routers and PIXs.

    The only solid thing I am happy with, is the multihoming capabilities.

    Did I mention that I’ve also purchased the Advanced Router module? With such an important name, you’ll atleast expect RIP to be implemented.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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