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Long distance office

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    I have a small office in mexico and I want to have a direct form of communications with it from my home, and I also want to be transfered from that office to local phone numbers in mexico, what I was thinking was making a connection through software from my pc in houston to my secretarys pc in mexico and have my secretary transfer the calls manually to my clients phonnes, can this be acom´plished without using a service provider except my ISP’s?


    Yes. get a gateway which has FXO port, by which your call can be transfered to PSTN.

    Sipura300 shall work in this case


    Mr Santos.

    You could try and use the PC for a VOIP solution, but the quality will be not the best, and the troubles many.
    A hardware solution will work better, with a stand alone box on each end, one in Mexico and the other in your office.
    If you need assistance, give a holler.
    We are local ,right here in Houston also.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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