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Quintum Answer Detect Problem

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    Ali Lazim

    Hi All,

    I have an analog quintum tenor AX (24 ports) and my probelm is that I cant detect the answering event where the device is already give me a connect signal when the ringing is start! I played with all configuartion but no way! any idea? or help?
    By the way I am using loop-start protocol and the exchange that I am connecting to uses the e&m protocol.


    Something does not match.

    If you are using loop start protocol,that is a protocol used when you have simple, analog lines, with two wires each.

    On that configuration, the only way to detect the start of conversation, is making the quintum detect the audio on the audio channel.

    Bu the e&m protocol, is used in lines that have 4 wires or 6 wires to connect from the switch to the gateway.

    I do think that the quintum analog gateways could handle e&m protocol.


    you need to set your tenor to be loop start. E&M is normall for a digital tenro that uses a T1/E1 circuit.

    Cas Signaling Type = loop start(1)
    Cas Orientation = user(0)
    Dial Tone Detect = yes(1)
    Dial Delay Timeout = 1000
    Answer Delay Timeout = 20
    Flash-Hook Signaling = no(0)
    Supervision = answer and disconnect(3)
    Caller Id Detection = no(0)
    dtmf-ontime = 100
    dtmf-offtime = 100



    I have a new quintum tenor A400 and i want to connecting it to PBX EXT line and have own extension.

    May be you guys can give me some directions how to configuring quintum/PBX because i try search the docs in internet but it’s looks like hard to find..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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