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voicemaster and quintum

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    CM Rahman

    Anybody here configured voicemaster with quintum? Please let me know, i need some advice on it.



    What exactly is the nature of your problem or what are you trying to achieve?

    CM Rahman

    I have setup quintum and pointed the radius client to voicemaster. but everything i call it ask for pin number and then it says “technical problem, please try agian later” . Is there a way to monitor from quintum to see if it is sending request? or even in voicemaster to see if it reached voicemaster?



    The problem you describe indicates that the Quintum is not connecting with the TFTP server hence it asks you to re-enter the PIN repeatedly. You need to establish in your quintum config that you have the correct IP of the voicemaster, then you need to make sure that you have the IP of the quintum register as an endpoint in the voicemaster from Route Management=>Gateways.

    If you have the lastest version of the Voicemaster OS, from Reports=>Real-Time Logs=>Radius Log you should be able to monitor radius activity dumps.

    If you have another PC, just install a freeware TFTP server and point your Quintum to that IP and that is another way to solve you problem

    CM Rahman

    tftp server is working because I saw it is loading it form tftp without any problem.

    Here is radius output from quintum

    RADIUS : 55261964:RadiusRequest: Created request object 0XBBC004RADIUS : 55261964:AUTHENTICATION REQUEST msg Id= 34
    RADIUS : 55261964:Adding Attribute 4 6 3639386119
    RADIUS : 55261964:Adding Attribute 1 14 123456789123
    RADIUS : 55261964:Adding Attribute 2 18 encrypted
    RADIUS : 55261964:Adding Attribute 61 6 0
    RADIUS : 55261964:Adding Attribute 31 12 5125656553
    RADIUS : 55261964:Adding Attribute 26 56 24 50 h323-conf-id=34313130 30396436 31320020 4B650004
    RADIUS : 55261964:Adding Attribute 26 39 1 33 h323-ivr-out=ACCESSCODE:6462277
    RADIUS : 55261964:Packet Length = 171
    RADIUS : 55261964:RadiusRequest: Sending Access-Request MsgId=34 to, port 1812, Descriptor 3
    RADIUS : 55262527:RadiusResponse: Received response, length=20, id=34, type=2
    RADIUS : 55262527:RadiusSocket: Received ACCESS ACCEPT RESPONSE
    RADIUS : 55262527:RadiusResponse: Created response object 0XBBBE04
    RADIUS : 55262527:RadiusSocket: Sent AccessAccept iucaCallBackSend
    RADIUS : 55262527:RadiusHandler: Received iucaCallBackSend Access-Accept
    RADIUS : 55262527:RadiusRequest: Client Process Marked Object=0XBBC004 MsgId=34 for Deletion

    It gives message “technical difficulty, try again later.

    if you leave your email address, I can email you log file


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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