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Quintum Tenor A800

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    Friends i have a Quintum Tenor A800 gateway.what will be the configuration?I have a providor from UK.but they are not familiar with please some advice me about this.

    Name for this zone:
    Country Selection:
    Local Country Code:
    Area Code:
    International Prefix:
    Long Distance Prefix:
    Advanced Parameters
    Use Private Directory Numbers: No Yes
    Private Number Length:


    Name for the zone: does not matter
    Country selection: if you are on the US,leave at “0”. Never use “0” outside the US. Use “1” instead, that is Canada.

    Local country code: Does not matter unless you will receive calls via VOIP.
    Leave it blank
    Area code: Leave it blank
    International prefix: Whatever you dial before a international call on your country. Most places is “00”, in the US is “011”

    Long distance prefix: Same, but for long distance. “0” outside the US, “1” on the US.

    Use private numbers :No.
    Private number lenght: Does not matter if you do not use it.

    Any questions,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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