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Quintum Call Relay SP

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    Mike Franklin

    Can anyone explain to me how the routing in the Call relay differs from on the CMS? I have a CMS in service and routing calls. the CALL Relay on the other hand is giving me problems. #1 I cannot get an Oki BMG-7011 to register consistently. Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. Please tell me the bare essentials to route a call through this device. Do I need more than 1 IP trunk group? I have experimented with Endpoint Authorization, but without success. I also have it configured to talk to RADIUS, however, When I do a ev l3 radius, I see absolutely no activity. My understanding is that the ARQ should trigger some RADIUS activity. I have RadiusInfo-EndPointServer:
    IdType set to 1
    PasswordType set to 1
    Both of these telling the Relay to send the H.323 ID as username and as password.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    To keep the mental sanity, it will be nice to have a set of I.P. dial plans, IP routing group,and static route with the same name.

    You could do mix and match, but soon will be a nightmare to track what is related to what:

    What I learn on the school of hard knoks about call relay:

    1) Do not get fancy with the names via gui. When they say “one word name” is for a good reason. You could get yourself a two words name via gui, but there is no way to take it out via CLI after.

    2) Do not delete the default group of anything. After you create a new I.P. dial plan, or voice codec profile, the software let you delete the default one, but that will crash the gui.

    3)The GIU may show options to be in that are not really in. When you are about to jump ou of the window, get the old CLI and double check everything via CLI.
    Very especially the settings for the border element. The one that you enter the I.P. address of the border element and then check the box to enable.

    You need to enter the I.P., save the configuration, then put the check mark and save again.

    By the way I read all this in a book (Yeah ,right).

    You could write me at mike3799@yahoo if you need help with the call relay.

    Best regrards.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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