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Tenor and Clarent is it possible???

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    I have two questions
    1.How I make Tenor A800 to work with Clarent GK?
    2. Is it possible to keep my Connection to Cisco (GW to GW) and in addition to enable Clarent GK to send me Traffic?

    For enabling interoperability with Clarent I did all what was requested in Quintum paper for Interoperability with Clarent, but I couldn’t make registration to Clarent GK.
    If some logs could help someone I could sent it, but first of all I would like to know if this is possible Clarent GK to Tenor A800???
    Looking forward for ideas

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    A Quintum A800 will work fine with a Clarent gatekeeper.I do have a route like that right now.
    If you do not need to register with the Clarent gatekeeper, even better. Just make a static route from the Quintum to the Calrent and be sure that they incluide you in the allowed list on the other end.

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    Mat @ Blue Lava

    Hi Tesla,

    There is an official Quintum inter-op document on the Quintum web site that explains how to make the A800 work with the Clarent.

    I also have a copy in PDF format if you would like me to send it to you – drop me an email and I’ll send it back by return.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks Noname and Mat,

    I have all documents form Quintum and I did as was instructed, but Clarent GK does not see my registration in his GK
    here is Clarent LOG:
    Apr/14/2004 16:35:16 6526 H323RAS:H323Gatekeeper::302 WARNING: OnGRQNotification() : got empty H323-ID: \RASToClarentProxy.cpp line 3961

    Apr/14/2004 16:35:16 6526 H323RAS:H323Maps::302 WARNING: CH323EndpointMap::GetH323EndpointData : epIdentifier x.x.x.x – 24578 not found in Map: \RASToClarentProxy.cpp line 941

    However, we will continue with testing, but good things is that this is possible.

    For Cisco I am using GW to GW connetion and made Static route to Cisco for orifination (from my side).

    For Clarent, I MUST made GW to GK connection, so My setup on Tenor is very different (config h323gw#, config gksys#), so I am not sure that this setup will allow connection to Cisco GW.

    As far as I can see, to work with Clarent and Cisco, I must go via Clarent GK to work with Cisco, because all my calls are registred in Clarent GK.
    Am I right????

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    Tesla for Noname

    Hi Noname,

    As you explain, you are sending/originating calls from Tenor to Clarent without meking registration to Clarent GK.
    Question is, what is on siede of Clarent GW or GK???

    If I would like only to receive traffic to my GW, How can I enable Clarent GK and Cisco GW to sending me traffic and if this is possible?
    Many Thanks

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    It is not posible to talk from a Quintum or Cisco to a Clarent GATEWAY directly.
    The only way for a Clarent gateway to talk to a non-Clarent equipment is trough a “gatekeeper”.
    That is really a gatekeeper/converter, since allow a Clarent to H323 conversion.
    You end calls from your Quintum to the Clarent gatekeeper, without registering to it. Just sending the H323 call as with any other H323 gateway.
    I do have my Quintum setup normal, no modifications whatsoever, just plain h323 quintum, and I send calls to a Cisco 5300 and a Clarent at the same time.

    Hope that the information helps!


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    Thanks Noneme,

    So, to send Calls to Clarent GK I should in sroute gkmode=Destination to GK

    BUT, if I neet only to receive calls not to send, can I receive calls fro Clarent GK and Cisco GW at same time.

    Did you test this situation.

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    No, I never tried to receive calls from a Cisco and a Clarent at the same time.
    I only know about sending calls to them, not the other way around.

    Hope that the information helps.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have two digital clarent gateways with ss7 signalling card.
    Previously the system working properly. but yesterday after the changing the E1s tranmission i face a lot of problems.
    Now, from the E1 transmission central they see the some ports of the E1s are blocked, but when i see using the gatewayUI from my clarent showing that the ports are ok and idle.
    I don’t know whether the problem is caused of my gateway or the E1.
    Is that possible it is caused by the gateways.
    Please somebody help me.

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    Hello everyone,
    Who has cisco press cvoice ebook, new release, I want to attend the exam 9e0-431, but I could’t buy any book in my city, please help me and tell me where I can download the ebook(PDF), thanks a lot

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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