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Need reference on VoIP Billing

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    reply to test/noname

    A true prepaid platform will bill for all these tests properly. For instance, you can have a virtual pin, multiple calls with same pin. If both calls connect at same time, both will be ended when balance is zero.

    real time billing for pins
    corporate accounts.

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    Yeah – I’ve forgotten to tell that the billing solution we have chosen after all that research is that of PortaOne. They are not in the top of our list, but there are two good things about them:

    1. They had very good customer service and I hope their after-sell service will stay the same (will see in a few months)

    2. They keep everything very simple and have a good set of documentation.

    It’s been two months we’ve installed their PortaSwitch solution – that contains PortaBilling100 (the billing engine) and PortaSIP (a softswitch) – and currently we’re testing it in a prepaid phone card business in LA.

    Replying to “noname” – PortaBilling100 solves the problem of …
    “When the first call is in progress, make a second call using the same account number…”
    … by not allowing more than one simultaneous access to the same prepaid account.


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    CM Rahman

    What kind of cost are we looking at for having a portaswitch and portabilling ?


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    Your feedback about ???

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    To answer to Mike, I am unfortunately using a VoiceMaster, The service sucks, they are rude and unprofessional, and even though we left everyone, including Mike the VP of Sales, many messages, no one ever called us back to answer our concerns. I am trying to find a different solution to get rid of this piece of junk. Don’t buy VoiceMaster ever.

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    good luck with your venture, bob

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    in reply to CM Rahman:

    portabilling with portaswitch ccosted us $30k – $35k – software only. the package includes also a two day training.

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    Reply to Bob and all others disappointed by their current billing system.

    All, I can say is: Billing system is the most important part in your VoIP business. Obviously you need a change. Why don’t you check EyeBill billing system

    contact me at:
    I am sure i can help.

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    Noname to Bob

    Bob,sice you are using a sysmaster:

    I was working on a customer gateway that gets the radius from a sysmaster system.
    I noticed the following: After completing a call on the gateway (Quintum gateway), the radius sent a messagee when thew caller hungs up. That is suposted to go to the billing and deduct the ammount of the call from the balance on the prepaid aplication.

    But I found out that if you send another call, using the same pin, right after the first call hungs up, that the Quintum gets a message with the full balance, without the deduction.

    Looks like the database update on the sysmaster takes few seconds to complete, leaving the door open for fraud for few seconds.

    Many replied that this is a far fetched scenario, but several of my customers found out this glitch on my system, and used it to their advantage, making two calls for the price of one.
    And I have a small system, with only few users.

    Why dont you give your system a test amd post the results??? I have the feeling that this trouble is more spread of what most people think.

    Noname mike3799@yahoo.

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    Deciding between PortaOne and Systmaster

    We are about to buy a billing system for wholesale, prepaid calling cards, IP/PBX, Virtual Office , follow me and UMS.

    Have any of you compared those two systems before?. How did it go?

    Has any of you have bad experince with any of them?

    Can some one recommend another one?

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    jersey Jake

    why don’t you ask these guys?
    If you take anonomys tips from some of these venomous individuals, you may make a mistake.

    I’ve been in 60 hudson, 1 wilshire, S America, including Brasil, Guatemela, and Argentina. I saw Voicemaster billing systems there.

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    for wholesale, i will suggest Winradius at , it is the most cost effective.

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    Our company is using RODOPI as the billing software for the prepaid calling card solution. However there are a lot of problems, our project couldnt rolled out as planned and now we need to delay and look for another software for billing system.

    We are looking at PortaOne and Sysmaster at the moment. and we use Cisco 2600 as our Voice gateway. I am not sure will SysMaster work well with the Cisco Product. Anyone have any idea?

    we are looking for a product that can provide recharge calling card function and support multiple language in its interface such as japanese. anyway one has an idea which one is good?

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    Honza Vomacka

    PortaBilling100 has an excellent multi-language support. The whole solution is supplied with the source code, and translation of the web interface is just editing of the XML file. So you can have Japanese or some other language (Chinese traditional and simplified are already there) in just a few days.
    And because this so easy – PortaOne users do translation into new languages all the time (right now there are 13 languages including Arabic) – so you may even get Japanese for free if somebody else will do it before you.

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