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H.323 with ATA 186 behind nat

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    Does anyone have a cisco ata 186 working h.323 behind nat network?

    Please any suggestion reply this or email ok


    turn on dmz on for nat.. ata 186 works.. when behind nat.. you may not get ring back tone.. thats antother issue.. maybe someone will know how to figure that one out.. doy ouknow how to do a trace.. maybe we can help eachother.. what is your email


    One ATA 186 working like a champ behind a NAt on a Linksys.
    Be AWARE!!! I run into some other ATA 186b with older software that still work behind NAT, but with the same exact configuration do not give you any ringback.

    One good tip to test ATA behing NAT.
    Use the I.P. address of “Dual Talk” gateway to test.
    Dial “123” on the phone, plus the I.P. of the gateways.

    like this:


    That will send the call to the dualtalk gateway I.P. just for this call.
    You will hear an announcement. Goes trough most NATS like a bullet.

    DUAL Talk

    What you are doing here is using the NAT penetration features of the DUAL Talk system; not your ATA. The 123 announcement has special NAT penetration features designed and implemented by DUAL Talk.


    Hi I have ATA 186 configured very well and I got dial tone ,and if I dail any phone number I hear the ring tone but when the other party pickup the phone I can hear nothing ,my connection is dialup,and I’m behind arouter.pls help


    I need to configure quintum A400 to use dualtalk. Any suggestions welcome.


    No much trouble at all. Just make a static route to the I.P. that dual-talk uses, set up the numbers that you want to send to dual-talk,set up codec and you should be getting the test messages on no time.

    If you need the configuration, I still have a Quintum A400 that is out of service that still have the configuration.
    E-mail is

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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