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Tenor is on the DMZ but cant get it work

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    hello there

    i have tenor a200

    when i connect the tenor directly to the net with a public ip (using PPPoE) every thing work fine… but when put it behind the NAT there is a proplem.

    the proplem is: Tenor is sending his local IP ( to the remote RADIUS server, so its not using the extip i defined in [config\unit\1], there fore RADIUS cant replay to him coz he dose not know his Public IP

    dose any one know how to fix this?

    im using LinkSYS (the tenor is on the DMZ) BEFSR41 V3 (latest firmware) and the latest firmware for tenor.

    is there any way to fix this?

    Noname to Nadeem

    You said that you defined “extip” on a Quintum A200.
    As far as I know there is no such a thing on a A200.
    Do you mean A400/A800???


    sorry its a400 not a200

    i also have the same proplem in a800


    First the disclaimer: I NEVER was able to make a A400/a800 work behind a NAT.
    Some people say they did it, bit I also met some folks that did met bigfoot on the mountains.

    Acording to Quintum, the EXTIP field is there to change the message on a H323 message, such a way that the other gateway/switch on the other end,also a h323 device ,will know where to send thew H323 replies to.

    Aparently, the quintum replces part of the H323 message with the value on that field, and the gateway on the other end will know where to send the audio/control signals.

    It should not have any effect on radius information being sent out of the gateway.

    Looks like the only solution will be having the radius serer on the internal network, on the same subnet than the gateway.

    But if you are dealing with a radius across the internet, looks like you may be out of luck.


    I don’t believe A800 will work behind NAT. According to my research, the IP address translation doesn’t work on Quintum, at least as described in their technical white paper.
    So the best solution is to put the Tenor in the DMZ. It should be working.



    Well, looks like I am not the only nut case.
    Here is the challenge: Is there anyone out there that ever got a Quintum working correctly on a NAT enviroment????
    Could you please post how you did it, what routers did you use and what ports did you forward????


    Best regards!!!!!


    Hi guys,

    Don’t waste your time trying to configure for NAT. It just won’t work. The only way until now will be to put it in DMZ. As far as i have experienced, A800 works perfectly in DMZ. I wonder why A400 can’t deliver.



    hi ipworld3, the tenor is on the DMZ..

    we have this proplem with a800 and a400


    I’m making the configuration right away (Putting Tenor A800 in DMZ)…
    Will post the results soon..


    Blue Lava has configured many hundreds of Tenors all of which are working. around 10% of these have utilised the NAT access feature and again all of these work.

    If you would like us to help you feel free to email us at


    register with a g/k and you should be ok or redirect all ports to the tenor but have to change ext. IP everytime the public side changed. we have many customers registered to our softswitch from behind a firewall with a private IP and DHCP’d public IP and they are working just fine. only problem we have expereinced is that when a new IP is issued by the ISP’s DHCP server, it will take the quintum 3-5 minutes to re-register itself before anyone can make a call.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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