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inbound call routing

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    Hi, I wondering what would be the best solution for this scenario:

    I have several boxes of quintum A800 and often times getting multiple t1 inbound traffics. What i notice are there are overflow on some boxes (as it can only accomodate 8 calls per box) and some boxes are not that loaded. Is there a way i can go about routing these traffic that it will hunt through the multiple boxes for available ports? What would i need? a gatekeeper, softswitch, etc?




    You would need some form of call routing such as a Sysmaster Voicemaster or a quintum call routing server.


    Teodor Georgiev


    Do not take into account what Blue Lava has said to you. VoiceMaster is a very expensive solution for this.

    First, you can connect all the Quintums into a border element. Thus, they will share routing information and will distribute the load between themselves.

    Secondly, you can use the Quintum external gatekeeper / call routing server. It also costs money, but is much cheaper than VoiceMaster.

    Thirdly, you can use an external gatekeeper/softswitch. GnuGk (the most popular one) is not able to do port capacity tracking and load balancing so far. However Acua gatekeeper is able to do that. It runs on Linux / FreeBSD and is free of charge.



    Thanks for the info Teodor, I’m trying to this up with as little or as much as possible no extra cost, at least for now. I’ve tried gnugk and you’re right about the findings, i’ll take a look at Acua.

    As for your first suggestion, would you mean to say is i can just hook up all my A800 to a single border element (another a800 perhaps)? so it can do load balancing?



    Andrew Zhilenko

    > However Acua gatekeeper is able to do that. It runs on Linux / FreeBSD and is free of charge.
    It is spelled Aqua 🙂 and it is free of charge only for up to the certain number of the simultaneous calls (I think 30).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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