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Quintum CMS / Cisco Gatekeeper

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    Mike Franklin


    Can anyone help with configuring a Quintum CMS to work with a Cisco H.323 gatekeeper?

    I have an Oki gateway the will not register properly to the Quintum CMS, so I loaded a Cisco 2600 with an IOS supporting the h.323 gatekeeper.

    The Oki registers just fine with the Cisco.

    I am however not able to pass a call from the oki gateway to an ip leg on the Quintum.

    Does anyone even know if the CMS will accept and inbound IP call and send it outbound on IP or does it have to exit on the PSTN?


    Noname to Mike

    On order to pass a call from IP side to a IP side ,you need either a call relay box (ip in, ip out), or a softswitch.
    No gateway will do that, not one of the traditional gateways at least.
    Gateways normally do not even play an IVR in the IP side.

    The only workaround that some people used is getting a call out of the gateway on a T1 card, routing it back to the gateway as a trunk and doing a “back to back” configuration , by going VOIP-PSTN-VOIP again.

    That will result on some quality issues , but some people do it anyway.

    Saul Bejarano

    Now you can get the voip-to-voip IOS from Cisco, load it into a 3660 and voila, you have a Cisco Softswitch totally functional.

    Saul Bejarano
    Noname to Saul

    Saul, THanks for the information about the Cisco option.
    You learn something everyday.
    Any idea of the capabilities/price range of the option????
    Since I never saw you pushing any product, I gues it will not be considered advertising.

    Andrew Zhilenko

    Cisco IPIPGW is a very nice thing. You can put you own TCL applications to control the call flow, so you can do the tricks with the authentication / authorization, call disconnect and other…
    You run it on the relatively inexpensive routers, such as 36xx or 26xx, without any DSP/voice ports.

    Saul Bejarano

    Very affordable
    Check on ebay for 3660’s
    In regards to configuration, that we can arrange it later.

    To Andrew or Saul.

    Hello guys. Will a 3640 be a plataform that could be used with this software for IP to IP routing???
    Thanks fo rany info!

    Andrew Zhilenko

    >Will a 3640 be a plataform that could be used with this software for IP to IP routing
    Unfortunately no.
    The Cisco Multiservice IP-to-IP Gateway is built on Cisco IOS Software and runs on the following platforms:

    Cisco 3745 Multiservice Access Router
    Cisco 3725 Multiservice Access Router
    Cisco 3660 Multiservice Access Platform
    Cisco 2600XM Series Modular Access Router (Cisco 2650XM, Cisco 2651XM, Cisco 2620XM, Cisco 2621XM, Cisco 2610XM, Cisco 2611XM)


    They say on the CISCO site that we have to purchase a feature licesnse for the CISCO IPIPGW


    is the license different from the IOS?

    and is that the right IOS that I should be looking to buy for a CISCO 2811 : c2800nm-ipvoice_ivs-mz

    Please confirm,


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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