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Problem with Quintum and Radius Server

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    Manuel M. Mendoza

    We have a Quintum Tenor D3000 and Tenor A800 in different locations. Both are connected to a Linux Radius Server. Our problem is that there are times that both quintum units are repeatedly sending the same data to the radius server. Why is this so and what can we do to rectify the situation. Would appreciate your suggestions on how to solve this problem.


    I have seen that trouble. The quintum is not getting the answer that is especting, and is sending a “storm” of requests.
    It will not stop even if you power down the quintum. When you restore power, it start all over.
    Do this test.Go to the radius config, change the radius user parameter “accountingtype” to cero.
    Submit the entry and see if that stops the sending of data.

    If that is the case, the Quintum is not getting the expected response from the raius billing , and keep trying for what seems to be hours.

    The trouble is on the billing. When I got a good billing system, the trouble went away.
    Now, I agree that it should be a timeout, something like 20 requests or so, but seems to be an unfixed bug on the Quintum tenors.

    Best luck!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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