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VOIP through in home wiring?

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    Is there a way to get VOIP to run through the existing home wiring in a house. I have a cable modem, so there I will have no standard phone service at all. I want to be able to make my alarm system dial out if there is an alarm.
    Thanks to anyone who can help


    Depending on the speed of the modem used by your alarm ,it may work or not.

    Most likely, it will not work at all.

    But if you want to send the dial tone via the existing wiring throught the house, go outside and find the point where the phone line enters the house, Disconet the green and red wires outside.
    Now ,using a cheap 2 way splitter from your hardware store, take the line from the VOIP device, run it to the phone on your desk, and the second port to any normal phone oulet.

    But instead of getting dial tone out of the wall, you will be injecting tone to the wall wiring, and the rest of the house.

    But it is important to open the wiring betwen your home and the phone company. You do not want to send dial tone “backwards” to the phone equipment.

    Good luck!!!!


    I thought that was what I would need to do get the dial tone throughout the house. Thank you for that.
    Is the modem speed on the alarm system usually too fast or too slow for it to work? I might be able to make it work depending on which way it needs to go.


    Normally, the trouble is that VOIPis a good medium for voice, not for data.

    I am not sure, but I do not know of any comercially available service that provides modem capabilities .

    I have seen the option on some high end gateways, with many lines atached, but I do not recall any on or two ports terminal that could do it.

    Some burglar alarmrs are nothing else that a device that sends some very basic audio tones over the phone line. Completely non-standar.
    Thos hava better change to work that the newer, better type.

    Maybe some alarm guy reading this posting could clarify the point. I will not bet any money yet.


    T Gilbert

    Will the VOIP work on Std Lvele3 0r less cable or will it have to be Levle5 or better?


    Once you have dial tone out of the box, the dial tone will go throught almost anything.

    There is not such a cable that will not pass dial tone for few hundred feet.

    One or two pair, twisted wire will do just fine.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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