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Is it poss. in VOIP?

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    I want to know if such a scenario is realistic:

    A person in the US has an ip phone.

    I am in, say south africa having an A800 connected to an A to Z carrier.

    Now the person in the US wants to call to, say India, but goes thru my gateway and reaches the destination.

    Can anything of that sort be done?


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    It’s usual way of routing calls

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    Hello Jack,
    This seems like a normal situation for voip and can be done quite easily.

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    Noname to Jack

    If the person on the US is making a VOIP call to the A800, and the a800 goes VOIP to the A to Z provider, it is not that easy.
    Now, if the person with the phone want to go VOIP to South Africa, go PSTN from there to India, that is everyday deal.

    Again, VOIp, quintum and PSTN the rest of the way, no trouble.

    VOIP, QUintum , and back out on VOIP to another provider, not easy.
    You need a softswitch for that.

    If you need information about how to setup a A800 for “hopp-off”, or pass-thru, I will be gald to do it for you.

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    Jack, hi

    I have adsl in South Africa and I can hardly manage to use it for VoIP as Telkom have limitted the bandwidth especially on non website ports.

    I have tried various codecs and various protocols with not much success.

    If you have any better luck, I would like to hear from you.


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    Jack to Clive

    Hi Clive,

    Which equipment have you been using for voip and what bandwidth do you have?

    By the way, what exaclty do you want to do and how do you know that the ports have been limited?


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    Hello All,
    If you want to go voip into the A800 and back out voip to another carrier that can also be setup fairly easily by take a cat 5 cable and plugging one into the pbx port and one to the pstn. You can recieve a call in and pass it back out that way.

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    Yeack!!!!! With all the quality losses asociated with decoding and coding again, that will soung awfull.

    Maybe I am too picky about quality, but I still do not like a call that went trought two “2 wire” conversions.
    Like calling into a A800, and coming out another A800.

    I only could imagine how a call “relayed” on 2 wire side could sound.

    But it could be a good idea with a digital gateway. Come out one channel, go trought a mini dacs and come back in on another channel.

    I gues the idea still good.

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    VoIP to VoIP is simple enough if you use the Quintum Call Relay – it has been designed specifically for this type of environment.

    The benefit of the Call Relay is that it just forwards the packets on without the messy decoding and recoding of the voice. As Noname states this is something to be avoided as much as possible as the voice will degrade every time you go through this process.

    There are two Call Relays on the market – the basic system starts at sixteen simultaneous calls and can be upgraded to thirty. The second unit is the Call Relay SP (Service Provider) this starts at 120 simultaneous calls and can be upgraded to 720.

    We run the SP unit ourselves as well as installing it for a number of customers – it runs very well and is very low maintenance.

    I hope you will find this information useful – if you need any other pointers please feel free to contact me at:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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