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Quintum A800 and DHCP

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    Hello I am having problems with DHCP.

    I have my quintum A800 hookes up to a Lynksys router which gives IP dynamically.

    When quintum boots up, it waits for Ip address saying DHCP Start.

    But after 2 seconds it gives up, and keeps the last known Ip address.

    Then, on the 3rd second the Lynksys responds with a new IP address.

    And when the quintum detects this it says
    IP Address mismatch and resets itself.

    Looks like it is not waiting long enough? any ideas?


    Hello Dario,
    It sounds like you might have a statically assigned address to a different piece of networking equipment that is part of the dhcp pool. If this is the case the Linksys could be handing out an address that is already used on the network causing an ip conflict. Strange though why would you be using DHCP for a Quintum behind a linksys router?


    Looks like you will be a lot better
    by giving the Quintum a static I.P. on the range of the Linksys that is not used for the DHCP pool.

    Unless there is some other “twist” to the configuration.

    Good luck!!


    I did give a stati internal IP address that is not on the DHCP pool.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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