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VoIP dialing through a website

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    Gjorgi Varelov

    1. Am very curious, VoIP link from a webpage has a big e-commerce buzz, yet I haven’t seen a single e-commerce site with that feature , why is that so (or am I looking at wrong places)? Any examples?
    2. Can someone without a VoIP account at any VoIP provider dial you through your site, and how is IVR or VoiceXML implemented in the process…
    3. Do you have to host your own website in order to have the VoIP link working on the website?
    Am looking forward for any clues…


    it seems that voip dialing through a website should use a voip account provided by one voip provider, not any provider.
    i’m also curious about what you said

    Sebastian MOREL

    Gjorgi you know me (remember PAG):

    Gjorgi Varelov

    @ aix:
    This is the idea: you sell some product on your website, and you want your customers to call you by activating a link from your web page. You could establish 1-800 number for that, but what’s the point of leaving the site just to dial… when you can have the interaction on-the-spot…

    :), yeap, it has been a really looooooong time… check your mail…

    Sebastian Morel

    Hello Gjorgi
    as u can see I haven’t forgotten u since PAG. I have been living for almost 18 years in Antwerp (Belgium) now. My new address is :
    I really hope to hear from u soon…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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