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PPPoE for A800

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    Hello Guys,

    Just wanna know if any of you have an idea about whether A800 latest firmwares now support PPPoE.

    Thanks for your assistance.


    Hello John,
    To answer your questoin yes it does, and it works quite well.


    Hello Voiphelp,

    Thanks for the prompt response. Can you give me an idea with which modem you have tried it?

    This can solve the problem of many of our friends who can obtain only one fised ip per dsl service from their isp,,,,,just like me.


    Noname to all. Quintum and PPO

    This is a message from a friend that have the Quintum working with PPOE setup, as february 2nd.

    “Its very straight forward. Connect to the tenor through serial. Then
    to do changes. The first question will be: would like to use PPPoE?
    then enter the login and password for your ADSL. That’s set 🙂 no other
    changes needed. And yes, its working perfectly with dynamic IP.

    Many ppl misses this feature because it doesn’t show in the telnet. It
    to be from serial.”

    I have not doen it myself, but several people now agree that it works.

    Go Go Quintun. Erase that bad taste that you left with with the A200!!!!!!


    Noname and John,
    It will work fine with basically any dsl modem that is a modem and just that. If it is a modem/router combo then you’ll have to dig further into the documentation.


    I just tried to do the PPPoE cofing on a new A800. In my initial set up with the serial connection nothing reffering to the PPPoE showed up. How can I check what version of A800 I have and if it should support the PPPoE set Up??

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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