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SIP proxy- support

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    Dear list,

    Currently, we have full fledged H323 Voip network. Also I would like to have or support SIP gateway and SIP IP phones. so for that i may need SIP proxy to manage. Could you pls guide if any free SIP proxy exisits or a low cost one which can fulfill our reauirements. Also what are the extra eauipments or module reauired for the same .we would like to support our SIP based clients or GWs. I would appreciate your guidence for the same


    i am interested in this too.


    download the Vocal Proxy

    if you know linux then this will work for you. You must program (write scripts) for the H.323 to SIP translator. everything is there. Free download. Very power Proxy server. Can be standalone or farmed. Cisco manages this.

    Good luck!

    Honza Vomacka

    Build good SIP solution for production basing on Vovida libraries is pretty much like assembling a new (and reliable!) car from the spare components. It is possible, but very few people will have enough skills and spare time to do so. For the rest of us – just go to the dealership, pay money and get your nice new car fast and with support&warranty…


    Dear Honza,

    yes you r correct. but since we have already full fledged H323 network>>ze dont want to fully fledged SIP network also>> all i need is that support fo SIP clients…for ex some clients may buy some SIP based IP phones on their own…so in that case i want to give support feature to have though not full fledged SIP network just a proxy…thts y i thought to go for free one. but is there any SIP proxy for lowe cost. any suggestion would be appreciated


    Honza Vomacka

    Cisco SIP server is probably too expensive for you then (I think it’s about 40K USD). Try IPTEL’s SER (, Snom 4S ( or PortaSIP (

    how much is cheap?

    So what would be cheap, other than “free”?

    10K??? 5K??
    How many minutes of SIP will you run?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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