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E&M gateways or Channel Banks

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    Dear list,

    can any one suggest me low cost Gateways With more E&M trunk ports (24ports)in one single module
    or rack module . the purpose is all remote PBXs will be connected to thisGateway through E&M trunk through VSAT.
    the Gateway or channel bank will be at Central place and all the remote PBX connected to this PBX through VSAT for trunk.
    pls kindly suggest me if such gateway exist in the market ..

    kind regards


    You will be alot better with a external channel bank that with a gateway with many interfaces for e and m.

    The channel bank is normally more robust than a gateway to handle the voice in aplications like that.

    On channel banks ,you have two types.

    1)Cheap, old and bulky. Designed to stand bullets, telco style channel banks

    2)Sleak, small, smart and expensive.

    You may whant to consider a smart channebank that will do “silence” or voice supervision, in case that those trunks have troubles with the supervision/disconection.


    Do you have any idea for such Channel banks..but iam bit confused on how to route calls to particular E&M ports.. for ex i dont think problem for outgoing calls from remotes connected to this channel bank. but the problem may arise incoming calls to the channel banks. becos our GW simply route the calls to this cahnnel banks…so there should be some module in tha chnanel bank for routing the calls to the paricular remote through correponding ports connectde to it. pls comment on this also mention the provider of such channel banks



    I never heard of such a channel bank, with smart routing.

    That funcion is normally done by the gateway, where the T1 or E1 coming out from the gateway contains several “trunk groups”, each trung group asociated to a diferent location.

    Cahnnel banks ,by definition are “dumb” about routing. Just a converter to change the format form several 2,4 or 6 wire circuits to a T1 or E1 on the other side.

    What kind of Gateway is the one that you have????

    WIlls not be easier to put a gateway on each location, and bring the calls via sattellite as VOIP already?????

    That way, you only need to manage diferent I.P. addresses, with no channel bank in betwen.

    At each location, you get a small gateway to process all the lines. From each remote location ,you go VOIP to the main gateway, with no channel bank.

    It seems like that will be a cleaner solution, and more manageable.

    Best regards!!!!!


    hi mike,
    thanks for the reply..
    yes we too know such setup but the problem is telecom regulation over here at Madagascar.
    we use Arelnet Gateways. but some channel banks with DDI function or option exists in the market. what does it mean..would it not suitable for such or my applications. right now we have PBX connected to Gateway: so all the calls from this GW routed to this PBX: now we need more E&M trunks : so that is y i thought whether we can make use of channel bank instaed of PBX:
    pls comment on this

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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