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Telrad vs Comdial

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    Ben Lawrence

    Hello my company is trying to choose between updgrading a Comdial phone system or investing in a new voice over ip system from Telrad. We have 6 offices in 4 states. The investment is in 100k + rannge, that is ok if we get a system that is scalable, easy to maintain and reliable.

    Any thoughts or insight on the companies is appreciated



    Unless you absolutely need to upgrade the phone system and are only looking for VoIP then add on gateways like Qtelnet, Quintum or Multitech. It is much cheaper


    If all what you want is the savings on long distance, there is no reason to go to a “forklift” upgrade.

    For half of that number you will be having voip conectivity to all the offices, no long distance, and access to low price carries from every office.
    You may afford even to have cisco gear for that ammount.

    Unless your phone systems are so old that they do not have any extra room, or no digital links.


    Telrad has a great VoIP offering with a lot of great features

    Go fot it – it is an ivestment for the future.


    With the robust platform your organization has designed, a larger PBX Tr 1 app like the Telrad or Cisco is the way to go. Comdial is a traditional key system that limits capabilites in ACD/IP apps

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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