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what r the diffeneces between PBX & VoIP

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    i need to know if it is worth changing from PBX to VoIP does any one have any detials of the differences and what are the benfits and limitations. and finally what do you think is the best bet to go with and why as i am struggling to find any useful information in a company persceptive, i was woundering if there are any genuis’s out there?

    Dan C


    Do you mean should you go with an IP PBX versus a traditional PBX?


    Dave if the thought of spending all that money on an ip pbx when you do not know what the return would be like why dont you either try one of quintum tenor range to act as a stepping stone to a full ip pbx. This way you would “feel the quality of VoIP” without the huge cost.Then you could move on to a true ip pbx like the Swyx platform.

    Best Regards



    a better Idea!!!

    try looking into a hosted solution first!!!

    I’d first look at OVERHEAD for
    Long Distance/Maintenance/Adds moves/changes for your current telephone system for you WHOLE Company first.

    If yearly cost is greater than a years service for hosted VoIP solution then it would be beneficial.

    let me know if I can assist u further


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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