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Recieving pstn calls on a voip setup

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    New to VoIP

    Is there a device or setup that would allow me to send voip calls AND recieve pstn calls. i.e. I want to send calls with a voip phone, but recieve pstn calls on the same phone. I don’t want to have two phones, i.e. one to make calls, and one to recieve calls using my existing telephone number.


    New to VoIP,

    There is a product on the market that is exactly what you are looking for. It is the QTelNet IP-1301 phone. It is a 2 in 1 phone VoIP and PSTN. If you are using VoIP through a 3rd party company versus setting up your own network you will have to do a little configuration. I use it on my desk in my office .. it is nice to only have one phone for both. I did a search on Google and it looks like it is $579.00 USD at

    Andrew Zhilenko

    > looks like it is $579.00 USD
    Isn’t it kind of expensive? You can get a normal 2 line phone (less than $100) and connect the first line to the ATA/Sipura/… for VoIP calls and the second line into the PSTN?

    New to VoIP (Rob)

    Andrew, That sounds simple.

    I’m not familiar with two line phones though. How would the two line phone no to send the outbound calls to the VoIP line, or line 1?

    Have you used this type of set up before?


    A two or three line phone is like having three diferent phones, but just one handset.
    They have two or three conections on the reat, for line 1 line and line 3.

    Normally , they have hold, that way you could put one line on hold and answer another call.

    If you use a external VOIP box( ATA 186, quintum gateway or whatever), you could connect the PSTN line to one port and the VOIP line on another.

    You could make only one call at the time, but you do not have two or three phones on the desk.

    An added bonus is the posibility to make conference calls from VOIP to PSTN trought the phone.

    Levels normally are not too good that way (too much loss), but for a free international call, the price is right.

    The most common multiline phone is the Panasonic, with a two and three line sets.

    Not the cheapest for sure. Go to ebay and make a search.

    New to VoIP

    So here is the scenario. I take one line from my DSL box to the ATA, hook line one of my 2 line phone to the ATA, and then hook line 2 of the 2 line phone to a regular phone outlet.

    Now, it seems to me that I would be able to send VoIP calls, however, still recieve POTS calls to my existing phone number one the same phone. I would have to select line one (VoiP line) to dial out, then select line 2 when i get a call.

    Sound good?



    On my desk, I have a three line set (Panasonic).

    Line one is the normal PSTn dial tone from the phone company.

    Line 2 is dial tone from a Aplio pro set. When someone calls from a aplio set overseas, rings on line 2

    Line 3: Is connected to a Quintum A200 set. The phone number asociated with that port is the same than the PSTN, but on the VOIP world.

    When someone is calling VOIP to my PSTN number, the Quintum routes it to my line three. When I see that line I know that is someone inside my Quintum network.

    You could go as far as getting a samll office setup, with a controler box and several multiline sets.

    Some, like the intertel GLX sells on ebay for peanuts.
    I am talking 20-30 box for the controller box for 12 phones and 6 lines, that use to cost $500.00 dollars.

    That way, when you are on the phone in line one, someone else on the house still able to use line two on another set, or viceversa.

    You could do that with more than one two or three line sets.

    Good luck!!!!



    i have low voice problem in my two PABX system which is in Philippines and in U.S., is there any way that we can amplify the voice(Hardware or any other options),here’s the fact.. when a caller from california call our office in New York(VOIP(Inter-Tel)), then the operator transfer it to the Philippines(Iwatsu ADIX-E) via PSTN(48 Trunks)when the operator recieve the call she then transfer it again to the E.reps..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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