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Quintum A200 with Dynamic DNS.

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    I was wondering if anyone has used the Quintum A200 with any Dynamic DNS Services. If, so
    which ones and how do you rate it thus far.

    I am trying the best way to publish my ip address that changes on a daily basis.



    The A200 have a trouble with the I.P. changes. When used on “gatekeeper” mode, and the I.P. changes, it tries to re-register without “logging off” first.

    That used to be a trouble with older Quintum software.

    After version 15 I believe, Quintum changed the gatekeeper software to eliminate the older registration out of the gatekeeper when they saw a newer one from another I.P.

    I never tried the DDNS. I could be interesting.

    I was reading few days ago on, but I do not see how you will make the A200 register to it.

    Good luck!!!!!!!



    Dont use the A200 it is terrible. There is a company called QTelNet that makes gateways that take care of the IP address changing for you without the need of a gatekeeper and you wont have to worry about posting your IP address when it changes.. It is a behind the scene messaging system. There are 2 port FXO and 2 port FXS. As per a previous post you can pick them up online here :

    Hope this helps.


    I wish they were out when I purchased my 2 – A200’s and my A400 back in 2002, but now I have to work with what I got.

    I have given up on the registering, because my A400 is behind a firewall that does not allow inbound access in, so I just used static routing from the A400 – to the other A200’s.

    I was checking to see if anyone did this already, could lend some interesting advice.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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