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    I have customers who send minutes to different destinations with different IPs and gateways. I am having a very hard time trying to orginize my customer’s CDRs since I have to ask every gateway owner for their CDRs, which takes along time to get to my hands. I wanted to know a solution such as a softswitch or gatekeeper that can help me. I just need the gatekeeper/softswitch to give me the ability to give my customers(both by their IP’s or Prefixes) their CDRs and also be able to find out how many minutes I have sent to the gateway owners by getting a CDR from the gatekeeper/softswitch that tells me how many minutes I have sent to the Gateway owner. I also need to be able to give my customers online CDRs.

    Please help me in deciding what brand and platform I should go for to have a good billing system so I can manage my customers and gateway owners.

    Thanks you very much for your time.

    Andrew Zhilenko

    Of course you need to pass the calls through some piece of equipment which is under your control, and base your billing on the information from it.
    Just the “standard” GK (e.g. the one from Cisco) will not be enough (you will not have reliable information about the call start/stop/duration),
    you need to setup GK + H323 proxy (or proxying gatekeeper). There are plenty of methods to accomplish this, the best is of course to use the one which is compatible with your billing. If you do not have VoIP billing yet – shop around, there are many of them available, you can choose the one which suites your needs.



    I can help you with that, contact me at


    I agree with Andrew.

    “Shop around”

    Sounds like you need a settlement system of sorts. You’re looking at around $3k-$5k for a custom built system that meets your requirements.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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