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quintum answer supervision ???

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    Teodor Georgiev

    Quintum A800, the latest firmware (20-23). Silence suppresion is turned OFF.

    cas 1 (loop start)
    answer delay – 120
    supervision – answer and disconnect.

    the problem is to achieve correct answer supervision (to avoid the problem when Quintum starts the billing right after ringing).
    Well, with 120sec set, it just waits 120sec (2min) before issuing a connect.

    The problem is that even if on the other side the call is answered and there is a voice, quintum can NOT recognize that and keep the call unconnected until the 120sec pass.

    Crazy !!!

    According to their documentation it should issue a “connect” right after noticing the voice on the line.

    ANy ideas?


    Did you find the answer to this question? I am having the same problem.


    I am followin this issue and so far no success 🙁 . Searched everywhere but no answer. There is so little about quintum on the WEB.
    According to quintum if you set the “cassig” to 1 and “super” to 2 and “answer” to 120 in PSTN 1 and “asoption” to 3 in DSP options then the tenor a800 should listen and considers the call not connected unless it detects the voice but it seems a800 will wait the 120 seconds anyway regardless the call is connected or not and then considers the call connected. Is there a way to get this device to function correct with anser super vision?
    Please Haaaaalp !

    Saif to any A800 expert

    Hi there,

    This is my first tme here. Hopefully I’ll get my answers. 🙂

    I have to tenor A800 with different static IP. suppose Tenor1 and Tenor2. I already have configurd them for private numbers.

    What do i have to do to configure Tenor1 if i call from a ph#1234567 and i want it to ring on the phone connected to Tenor2. Trough PBX/PSTN whichever is pssible.

    most sincerely,



    i forgot the ip of my quintum a800
    and i would like to make a connection how can i find it again


    If you do not know the IP, you will need to connect to the unit using the console port (serial cable), log in and then type ‘dis v’


    I need steps to reset the password of my quintum tenor as 400.

    MikeM to Shakir


    If your tenor has software version P103 or higher,then you can reset the password by resetting the unit to factor default. This will delete the entire config including the password, but not the IP information. You do this by connecting to the tenor with a PC and using a serial cable to the console port, and go through the boot up options.

    If you do not have P103 or higher, than you will need to contact Quintum to have this reset.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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