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ATA186 Peer to peer

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    I have two ATA186 devices and trying to get them connected from two different locations. Any idea on how to achieve this task? Thanks.


    Send contact info and an overall idea of what you really want to do with VoIP or post it here.


    Thanks Greg.

    Basically I want to place ATA’s on two different places, and being able to make/receive calls between ATA devices. Also: is this doable with private IP addresses?

    Many thanks and best regards.


    Yes you can, if you want even MORE options like conferencing, voicemail and other pbx functions you can put a linux box between the two of you and really have a decent system. No no its not expensive… get a PC running at around 700 MHZ maybe a PIII with 128 MB of ram on it and you now have a mini telco sittinng in your closet or basement.

    If you have some spare bandwidth you can become a service provider for your friends and neighbors…


    “Blowing away the smoke and shattering the mirrors of telecom.”
    – Jeremy McNamara



    Are you refering to Asterisk? or do you mean some other system?



    Andrew Zhilenko

    AFAIK you can just “dial” IP address on the ATA, e.g. 12*50*3*4# to initiate a call to the This is probably the simplest solution.

    >Also: is this doable with private IP addresses?
    No, you will not be able to use it if both ATAs are behind the NAT. You will need some sort of proxy in between them or special NAT/firewall which will allow voice traffic through.


    Yes I am referring to Asterisk (, Moya.

    You can use Asterisk as your “NAT/firewall which will allow voice traffic through.”
    I have a 667 mhz system with 128 MB of ram and a 10 GB drive running as my PROXY/FIREWALL/PBX System with Linux and I have 2 XP systems behind that connected to a hub along with my IP Phones and softphones. When a call comes in on the FXO card (we have them for $75 ea) it rings both my IP Phone and my Cell phone through NuFone at 2.9 cents / minute out my cable modem. So wherever I am I can receive calls. It only costs me money when I answer my cell phone. If I dont answer either of my phones you can leave vmail which I can later retreive by dialing the voicemail application or by checking my email.

    I can also drop people in a conference room with my ip phone and go out to my car , dial into my fxo and enter the conference number to pick up the conversation where I left off.


    You can have your ATA’s register to Asterisk and dial each other as a simple Extension as if they were directly connected to your system. The ata’s DO work behind NAT because Asterisk can act as the proxy in your NAT’d environment.

    You can even register to FWD and have your FWD # ring your ATA and all of the conferencing, PBX , and vmail functions still apply.


    I would like to have a ATA 186 config for conecting to a Quintum A400 Gateway.




    Hello Jair,

    We have the Quintum and Cisco 186’s working together please send me your configurations and I can help you with the setup.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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