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Quintum DX series vs D3000

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    recently Quintum announces new digital Tenor – DX series. What advantages this equipment has? Is it better than D3000?
    thank you.


    I got a presentation from Quintum about the DX line of products.

    Kind of large, around 3 mb. Anyone that wants it, email

    Seems like the DX will be the best thing after sliced bread.

    Should have automatic selection of codecs. That much I know.

    But remember, this is the company that also said beatifful things about their A200 gateway.

    The least that I could say is that Quintum is known for strecthing the truth.

    That is another way to say that they lied openly about one of their products.

    Lets see. They may clean up house with this new line of products.


    The new DX series (and the impending Analogue AX series) are much more flexible than the existing D and A series products.

    The new devices run on the same OS as the powerful CMS and Call Relay SP products and therefore offer a much higher level of functionality including CODEC auto-negotiation, the ability to set up multiple routing groups and dial plans, and SIP user agent.

    Also, the DX series is available in MultiPath mode (the same as the D3000 where calls can be failed over to PSTN) or in Gateway mode. In Gateway mode there is no fail back to PSTN but this is rarely used in a carrier environment and brings the cost per port down dramatically.

    It would appear to be an intelligent move by Quintum to ensure that the whole range of products will be running a common, powerful, OS.

    If you would like any more information please feel free to contact me at:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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