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Simple VOIP Query

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    I am planning to buy 2 cisco 837 router (= 8 voip port) for my internet shop, I just need to know what is the minimum bandwidth in reality required to function efficiently, I will be using dedicated link

    I have being hearing that 8kbps is good but, I need somebody to tell me actual real bandwidth required per port so that call won’t be dropped and thus QoS will be the best in my area.

    I understand that CODEC is a compression stuff,

    Do I have to buy the CODEC or Does it come with the CISCO 837

    Pls I just need a simple solution/non techie so that my customers will be happy


    Do not get less than 15-20 kb per each port that will be used.

    At any rate, with eight ports the barebones minimun will be 128 kb.

    The codec is a chip inside any VOIP router. Is the chip that grabs your voice and transform in into data to be sent over internet.

    You do not need to buy any external codec.

    Good luck!!!!!



    Not sure about the numbers, its only true if u use all 8 ports, and it depends upon which codec the 837 uses, and if it can support this same codec across all ports at the same time

    EG the cisco ATA 186/8 cannot support the G729 codec on both ports at the same time, the second port switches to G711, hence ur bandwidth goes through the roof.

    Oh codec is not a chip, it can be enables/embedded into a chip. It is basically software which is based on various algos which allow COpression/DECompression. This compression is all based upon the thery used to compress eg is it predictive etc etc

    nuff said

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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