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Tenor Billing problem

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    I am using TENOR A800 for phone2phone srvice. I have configured A800 to send Authentiion and accounting to my radius server. But, even if the calls not got connected, A800 is sending connected signal to radius server and clients are being billed for the same.

    PLease advise me.


    You have to get a radius document from quintums web site, and configure you Radius Billing server properly.


    Can anyone brief me difference between Tenor A800 and A400.


    Hi Linman,

    The simple difference between the A400 and the A800 are the number of simultaneous calls that can be handled.

    The A400 can handle a maximum of 4 calls, the A800 handels a maximum of 8.

    Please note that an A400 cannot be upgraded to an A800 later.

    Hope this helps.



    Radius…. why are you using Radius for billing?

    M. El-Shawadfy

    SANE: You need to incrase the time for the Answerdelay command in yr tenor. make it max. go to config, pstntg, then command answerdelay or answ
    u can put anything from 0 to 360
    i guess 45 or 60 should be enough.
    it worked with me, but i’m using digital one D3000

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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