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What is simplest solution 4 private use?

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    Hi !
    Could anyone advise me where to find simplest and cheapest solution to connect 2 phones over Inernet to allow local users to call to local phone and be connected over internet to another phone. It should be only “one-user” device, I mean only one user may call to phone and calls should be routed to only one phone in another part of the Earth, this another phone have to have local PSTN number.

    thanx in advance


    If there is a user that wants to talk for almos free to just one other user, Aplio phones still is a good deal.

    No support, but the units are so easy to program that just few tips will get you talking in few hours.

    Need one aplio phone or Aplio pro on each end.

    Be aware of people selling old aPLIOS VERSION 1.5 ON EBAY.

    They maily only work with other 1.5.

    The version 2.0 is the most recent and stable.



    Hi, Noname 🙂 !
    Thank you very much for answering, I guess it’s just what I looked for! Sorry, I don’t understand from site if it possiible to call from one PSTN number to another PSTN number wich connected to aplio divece and then be automatically connected to long-distance PSTN number over Internet?

    thanx again



    What you need is an FXO plugged into the PSTN number (local) and then set the hotline feature to have it send automatically to an FXS unit or IP phone. To do the other side as well.

    Here is diagram showing close to what I am trying to explain using the qtelnet product line:


    Alexander: The Aplio is a point to point. You plug a phone into the Aplio box and , you talk to another box on the other end.

    You could not use one of the boxes to “land” and keep going trought.

    That is called hopp-off, and you will need a better (and more expensive )solution for that.

    like I said: If you need a point to point, lets say calling your girlfriend overseas, hard to beat the Aplio.

    If you want access to a whole city trought a hopp-off, seems like many people use Q-telnet for that.

    And please ,stay away from Quintum A200 ‘s!!!!! It is enough that I have many of those. Nobody deserves hte agravation.

    Good luck!!!!!!!


    Thank you guys!
    yes, the solution I need is just like described at website. Sorry for bothering you again but once more quastion: Are there another companys like qtelnet that sells such devices?

    thanx in advance
    GSM engineer


    There are about a million of them.

    Any VOIP box that have a device with a FXO and A FXS port will do.

    Look for boxes that will work without a gatekeeper, in what is called peer to peer enviroment.

    There are amny boxes out there, but you will do yourself a good service if you stay with a brand for both ends.

    There are many claims that do not work out on the real world.

    Q telnet will do it fine, quintum A400 will do it too. But you will have four ports, and I do not know if you need that many.


    Hi, i’m Erik from Holland

    I’m new into VoIP, We are working on a 16 pc LAN. We have communication panels with direct line to other Pc’s, we want to communicate with VoIP. Is it possible to control VoIP with C++. Because we read the panels with RSR 232 and c++.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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