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Webswitch 100 & caller ID??

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    Hi all, great support forum here! I have a question… I have multiple sites connected via Sonicwall SOHO2 VPNs.

    At each site, I have a Webswitch 100 P4 setup with no gatekeeper and a dialing directory of the extenstion number and the internal IP address of the remote users.

    I can make and receive calls fine, but I cannot get the caller ID function to work. Do I need a gatekeeper for that functionality, or can I telnet to flip a switch?

    My other question is, was there any firmware updates available? I’m sure all of mine are the original being that they are so old. I wasn’t sure if that was part of my problem?

    One thing I just noticed, I seem to only have the Net Manager ver V002R1C. I hit the F1 help key and saw the “configuration manager” screens; it seemed to have alot more detail as far as configuring things, is that what I need? If so, where can I get a newer copy of those programs?

    Thank you for ANY information!!



    Another happy user of those blue boxes.

    I have several of those, and never could get much info about what the units could do or not do.

    Seems like there are a ton of options, but as far as I know ,nobody knows the full extent of those settings.

    I do not think that a gatekeeper will help, the function of the gatekeeper is mainly to keep track of those pesky, moving I.P. addresses when you have ADSL or a cheapy provider that keeps changing I.P. ‘s every few hours.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!


    I know alot about these boxes, send me any questions.. I have the telnet config manual and have worked with the vxworks OS for about 6 months now..

    any luck rob?



    I have two Webswitch 100s the we’re during testing with our pro-duct (Taclanes) for a customer but we only can login via telnet. How can I obtain the commands of Vsworks and the telnet config manual? we don’t have the config utility.

    Naeem Ahmed

    Does any body know how to configure the Webswitch units ?

    PLZ help .

    THanks in advance.



    As I could see you have a lot of experience with the Webswitch 100 P4 .
    I bougth a pair of those and I could not be able to configure those boxes to work.
    Could you give some help ?


    email all webswitch questions to:

    I’ll try my best to help you guys out!



    Hi all, I have a question…
    Can the webswitch 100 talk with cisco GW eg. cisco5300, cisco1751-v


    yes, they should, just log in via telnet and get to the MXP> prompt and type the following:
    set h323 h245_term_type 40
    exactly as shown above. then type:
    followed by:

    that should do it. If not, send me an email and I will give you the newer version of the “configuration utility” and it allows you to change a bunch of other settings and do parameter backups and restores. In the restore section is a file that allows better compatibility with Cisco stuff. I have not personally tried it as I don’t own any cisco, but you are welcome to test it out.

    Good luck


    Naeem Ahmed

    Gary ,

    Thanks , but didnt work …

    -> set h323 h245_term_type 40
    undefined symbol: h245_term_type
    -> set ?
    syntax error

    Can you please send me the software.

    Thanks in advance.


    you have to get to the MXP> prompt by typing:
    and press enter. then type in the commands.

    sorry forgot to add that part. thought you knew how to get there!


    kuldeep jain

    dear Garry

    in our network we have webswitch 100 P2/P4 which are using cisco router as gatekeeper and calls are happening. but it was found that after sometime (say a month )the webswithces hangs and stop responding . they are required to be resetted.

    kindly suggest.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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