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Cost of setting up a VoIP at India.

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    Hi guys I need three connections to be set up at three centres in India from Illinois. How much it cost, to setup so that I call from USA to anyone of centre to India like a local call. Can anybody put some light on what are the companies that will deal with the task like this? Advance thanks.


    um wrong group to post it,

    but there are comps in India which do this I men setup a ATA in India for ya so u dial box to box for a fixed cost

    search google , in fact just done one, lots of names one sounded cute phonewala, seems to be a indian take on it

    prozac — moving faster than myself



    You’re going to need high speed internet access between these three centers and Illinois. We can push 100 simultaneous calls through a 1.5mbit connection so you wouldnt be looking at much bandwidth. What do you need at these centers?

    Call between them all as extensions?

    Be able to call out of each center as you would locally and not be charged long distance for the call?


    PBX functions?

    Email Voicemail?

    How many extensions per center?

    Please be very specific in what you’re looking to do at these centers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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