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AS5300 back-to-back problem

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    In my setup I have some IP phone and one gatekeeper (gnugk). A company offer us to route our call to the public network, but they use their own gatekeeper, which they don’t accept to setup as a neighbour. To solve this we plan to use two AS5300 connected back-to-back.

    I modified the gatekeeper setup and the call are sent to the AS5300, but they never reach the second AS5300.

    Do anyone have a sample setup for the AS5300’s ?

    I know Cisco routers, but I am lost in the voip setup 🙂

    Thanks in advance,



    I just re-read my message, which is not complete (oups). I would like my phone, registered with my gaekeeper to initiate a session with the first AS5300, which is connected to our second AS5300, which is registered with the gatekeeper of the company providing the public phone service.

    It seems that the call never reach the second AS5300.


    Andrew Zhilenko

    Probably something is wrong with the PSTN bridge between your Ciscos. Check voip ccapi inout debug on the first GW, to see what kind of error you are getting. Are you using proper crossover T1/E1 cable, and are you sure you configured telephony interfaces on your GWs properly?


    Hey, I am not sure if you had the problem fixed already, all I can tell you is that I had this setup working perfecly before, send me an email with both 5300’s config and I will help you out

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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