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Voice packet capture

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    I want to have a look at the make up of IP/UDP/RTP packets in “real conversation”, i.e. what exactly does the IP packet look like, field values etc.

    So if i set up a Netmeeting or MSN IM audio call and get a packet sniffer, i should see this make up?

    Does anyone know any good free packet sniffers that support RTP? Or anyone know anything about packet sniffers?

    I’ve downloaded a few such as “Ethereal” and a shareware version of “Commview”, which claim to support RTP, but when i run Netmeet or MSN IM, they only record the ethernet/ip/udp headers, with the udp header carrying “protocol data” instead of showing me the RTP header.

    Any help on this is appreciated,



    I’ve used Ethereal in the past. you have to get the other version for VoIP. once a trace is taken you can filter down to RTP and see the information there. you can get a temp VoIP key for the free downloadable version of Aglient LAN Advisor. check it out as well.


    I wish a RTP sniffer for windows based. I couldn’t find one except some in linux based


    Any sniffer will sniff the packet u just want one which will pick out rtp streams. These streams arent much use I mean they are voice…what u wanna be able to do is to redirect this stream to a store file or a player, and then listen right 🙂

    The rest of the voice packets are just gonna be the SIP (assuming sip) headers and stuff, which arent the most exciting things in life to listen to.

    nehow if u wanna listen, then google. cause everytime I post a name here, it denies my post, but it all out there

    prozac–use it, and then surf 🙂


    hi guys,
    After googling in net, i got same ethreal as Jason mentioned. And for Joe’s informaiton, Ethereal does identify RTP packet. But for that you should decode UDP packets as RTP. Then it will decode it to rtp (ex: verion 2, SSRC same etc..)
    And for getting RTP stream u can run a Window’s net meeting and catch the session packets using ethreal and save as .cap file.
    Using pcap calls u can retreive whatever the data or header information u want.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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