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Cisco AS5300 for IVR on incoming VoIP

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    Can somebody verify if I can configure IVR and RADIUS Authentication on a Cisco AS5300 for voice calls coming in from teh VoIP network? I have a calling card business but my customers are coming in from the VoIP network (as against a norm of calls coming in from PSTN) and the calls are going out to either the VoIP or PSTN. I tried to use Quintum but it cannot activate these services for incoming VoIP calls only for PSTN and PBX calls.

    Andrew Zhilenko

    Yes, you can – but you will be able to play voice prompts only if g711 codec is used, which makes it basically unusable for any real application. You have to make back-to-back gateway and run IVR on the telephony call leg


    Thanks a lot.
    Can you please elaborate a bit more on what you mean by back-to-back gateway?
    Can I use a Cisco 3640 as one gateway feeding into the AS5300?
    Where do I put the T1 coming from the PSTN?


    Yes, you can configure IVR and Radius Authentication on a Cisco AS5300 for voice calls from the VOIP network.

    I have developed a system for customers using Cisco ATA to make calls. The calls are coming in VOIP.

    The only issue is IVR in voip leg only works in codec g711.

    Amar Behura

    Andrew Zhilenko

    back-to-back means that you have voice ports from one GW directly connected to the voice-ports of the other GW with a crossover cable. Or it could be different voice ports on the same gateway.


    So, if I am using two D2400s as gateway, I can connect the PSTN of one to the PBX of other. Then the first will receive calls on the IP side and forward to the PBX of the other. The other can then provide IVR and RADIUS to the calls.


    Will it be possible for you to provide your email, maybe I can send you a diagram and verify some points. I am new to this and need all the help I can get.
    My email is

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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