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Extend VoIP phone via fiber

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    I have the requirement to extend one phone line from the router to a distant office (same building) via fiber. Is there any type of converter that will fulfill this requirement?

    Dan C

    Well take that phone line plug it into an FXO gateway give it internet access and in the other building install and FXS gateway and PLAR the 2 units together. Basically what you are doing is extending the dial tone to the other building through the internet.

    A good diagram of this would be



    Thank you for the feedback! The customer requires that the phone be extended via fiber to a secure room. Any suggestions??


    Too many open ends here.

    Is the phone a POTS phone, or an Ethernet SIP/H323 phone?

    If it’s an ethernet phone, then you can find several companies who sell “Media Converters” for ethernet–>fiber.

    If it’s a POTS phone, then the FXO–>FXS bridge Dan C suggested would have to do.


    Since the request says “extend a phone from the router” I asume that the phone is a VOIP phone ,one that uses ethernet as the main conection.

    There are many,many fiber to ethernet converters out there.

    They look not bigger than a cigarrete box, use very little power, ussually from a wall plugged transformer, and it will extend the router port to the remote location.

    As a bonus, installing a little hub, you also will have data on the same location than the phone.

    When you order the adapter, watch out for the type of fiber (single mode or multi mode) and the type of conector on the box and the fiber pannel to be used.

    Ninety nine percent of those boxes are just plug ,look at the green lights and play.

    Not plug and PRAY like some other pieces.


    Dan & Noname,

    The phone line is coming out of the router voice interface card. I have a regular phone connected to it.

    I have tried to extend the phone by using ethernet converters, but it did not work.

    I am new at VoIp, so my terms may not be correct. Do you think the FXO-FXS bridge will work??


    If you end up building the solution that way(FXO-FXS bridge,) I don’t think it will be pretty. My advice would be to see if you can swap the phone out for an IP phone – if the customer requirement is “It must be fiber” – It’s easier/cheaper/less kludgy to convert Ethernet to fiber than it is to convert POTS to fiber. But I’m an IP guy – maybe the PSTN folks around here have something different to say…

    Noname to CindySoko

    Not good at all.You are looking at getting a normal phone line and transporting it via fiber.
    The device used on the router side will need to be a FXO device and the one used on the remote side needs to be a FXS device.

    If you have many lines like that nad expenses are not a trouble, the best bet will be two channel banks and a fiber to t1 converter.

    The cahnnel banks do the conversion from phone line to T1 or E1 format and the T1 or E! to fiber converter will do the second conversion to be able to send over fiber.

    Not easy, lot of settings and a cost on the thousand of dollars.

    If you are on the US ,you could give the guys on “back Box corporation” a call.

    They may have some kind of converter to extend a single phone line over fiber, but I have not seen one.

    Specify to them that you will be coming out of a PBX like device (the router, and ending on a single line phone).

    That will be the FXO and FXS ends.

    And if you get something like that, do not connect them reverse.

    Another option will be getting the cheapest gateways that you could get, one FXO and the other FXS and using those ethernet to fiber converter point them one to each other.

    Build a data pipe, with two I.P. addresses, one for each gateway .

    Plug the gateways on the ethernet converters and the phone line side of the gateways on the router and phone.

    You still looking at few hundr3ed dollars minimun.

    Lets say that no less than $600 to $800 dollars on gateways alone.

    Anyone knows of a good point to point FXO to FXS solution????????

    dan c to noname and cindysoko

    Hey guys …. sorry took so long to reply. I agree the best way to do this is the FXO to FXS set up. The ones I like to use is QTelNet .. the run about $575.00 each but work nicely and are easy to set up. You dont need the static IP either.

    Feel free to email me at


    Noname again

    I found at least a couple of devices that will do the fiber to phone conversion directly.

    Now the bad news: They run $1000.00 dollars each end. They are used in enviroments where there is the risk of big (many kv) of potencial betwen ground points. This happens sometimes around substations on the power grid.

    The way that they isolate the tephone network from those potencials is sending the phone lines via fiber .

    Now again they are $1000.00 each end.

    The cheap way will be with the FXO and FXS gateway.

    I wil go with Don sugestion , since is the lowest price.

    Thanks !!!!!



    Cost is not an issue. What are the devices that will do the fiber to phone conversion directly? This is what the customer wants. Thank you so much for assisting me.


    OOOOPppps!!! I tought that was of no use.

    I have the magazine with the names and the prices somewhere on my car.

    I will bring in tomorrow and I will post the name of the company .

    They run about 1k USA. I am not sure if each end or both ends.

    It is like it sound, you just plug the phone line in one and a phone on the other, power and multimode fibers.

    There is no much to it.

    I will repost tomorrow with the names and the brand.


    Noname to CindySoko

    Hello Cindy:

    The name of the company is TC communications, out of Irvine,California.
    They make the TC1900, Fiber voice extender.

    The other is the TC1910, voice over ethernet extender

    The site is

    They also make some interesting boxes, like T1 or E1 extenders over fiber, in case that you need to extend thatE1 service betwen buildings or floors.

    Good luck!!!!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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