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Ericsson WebSwitch100 and Cisco

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    Andrew Zhilenko


    Does anybody use WebSwitch100 boxes without WebSwitch2000? I wonder if it is possible to set up them that they will send calls directly to the remote Cisco AS5300, or register to Cisco GK…


    I tried, without sucess. But was a close call.

    What I did manage was to make the Webswitch to connect like a champ to Quintum A200.

    But not with the Quintum A400 gatekeeper or gateway.

    Did not tried too hard either.

    Also, they work like a champ from one Ercsson box to another.

    The easiest box to setup that I found so far. About 5 minutes from the box to first call.


    I have seen with the latest version of the configurator software with the parameter restore function, the ability to change the box to the cisco default compatibility settings. I haven’t done it yet, but I do have these units in place and working with a third party LD provider using the configuration only avavilable in the telnet section of the software. Hope this helps,


    I have a small family network of Webswitch 100’s in place (Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas, Taipei.)
    First, I set up a H323 gatekeeper (free opengk from and did some basic testing with a pair of Webswitches. All worked very well, and now I can go to the gk console to make sure all sites are online.

    I preconfigured each Webswitch for the local LAN scheme and remotely set up port forwarding on the Linksys routers at each location.

    One thing I would like to know is if anyone is running a version of the Webswitch 100P4 firmware newer than 3004EReleaseV002R01a. I would really like to upgrade firmware (if anyone knows how!) as I am still having some NAT issues at one of my locations..


    Long distance corporation killer!!!!!!!!!!

    With families like yours and mine ,long distance companies are going to have a hard time.

    Being from the old days of analog satelite, with 100 feet dishes pointing 5 kw of radio power to a noisy bird on the heavens , it is hard to believe that we have “family networks” with multiple gateways across the globe and gatekeepers.

    One little price quote from the past:

    Price of a analog link from the U.S. to South America on the early ’80?????

    Just one channel of audio equivalent to a 64 KB link of today????

    A nice $8.000 US dollars a month!!!!

    Anyone that think that the “old days” are better?????????????

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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